Why do you teach online as an online literacy and maths tutor?


I'm a qualified primary teacher that started tutoring kids online because I couldn’t return to the classroom due to the pandemic.


I was looking for a way that I could incorporate my passion of teaching kids with balancing my responsibilities as a mum and carer. I started online tutoring last year as part of the NTP programme and fell in love with teaching again. 


Once I started tutoring literacy and maths online as an online tutor, I found that I was able to close the gap even quicker online and I really enjoyed working with kids from all over the country. With online tutoring, I can offer enriching activities and resources that I wouldn’t be able to do in person.


Online tutoring allows me the flexibility to reach my students from any place. If I go on holiday, I can still teach my students without it impacting their goals. And vice versa, it allows my students to be consistent in their learning if they are on holiday as well.

Kara Cook

Online Tutor-English & Maths,

Eastleigh, England








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Kara Cook

Online Tutor 

of English & Maths,

Eastleigh, England

QTS, BA English, 

MA, EY Education, UCL

DBS, Member of The Tutors' Association