What are your tutoring rates?

My tutoring rates are £35/hour for one-to-one online tutoring services and £30/hour for two sessions per week. (see below for a special deal for new clients this month!)

This is based on my credentialsteaching experiences, tutoring experiences and the amazing results I have helped my past students achieve

Think of me as a learning specialist for your child! 

My aim is to find out what areas of literacy and maths that your child struggles with and close the gap in that area. 


If you are looking for the most effective solution available, I am the best option. 


My efficiency in closing the learning gap for children means I am ultimately one of the most affordable available options as well. 


But not only that, I also give your child some free online tools that other companies will not give you. This includes online books, test practice and other education recommended materials needed for your child’s success. The value of these resources can add up to £150/year per student, but this is included in our tutoring services for free.


 I also give a free assessment. Most tutoring centres charge between £100-300 for diagnostic and baseline assessments and I throw this in for free as well. 


                   To claim your free assessment 👇👇👇click the button.


I am also lowering my rate to £32/hour from £35 now until January. 

Register by the 31st December to lock in this rate before it goes up!

Kara Cook

Online Tutor-English & Maths,

Eastleigh, England







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Kara Cook

Online Tutor 

of English & Maths,

Eastleigh, England

QTS, BA English, 

MA, EY Education, UCL

DBS, Member of The Tutors' Association