What are your Tutoring Rates?

1:1 sessions- English/Maths (ages 5-11)


1:1 sessions-11 Plus



1:1 sessions-Dyscalculia Maths Intervention


(includes resources and specialised assessment)


10% discount for booking more than 1 session/week

*Monthly packages for 12 weekly sessions or more are available

starting at £136/month

*I also offer a 'mate's rate' if you are referred by a client or friend

(All tutoring payments are taken via auto-pay monthly in advance)

My rates are based on the following:

♦My Credentials- MA in Education from UCL and Qualified Teacher Status.

♦My Teaching Experiences-22 years as a qualified teacher.

♦My Tutoring Experience-12 years of 1:1 and group private tutoring experience.

♦My Specialist Knowledge- I am trained to offer Maths Interventions eg. Dyscalculia.

♦I am an accomplished tutor with 12 years of private tutoring experience and years as an online tutor.

♦I have outstanding reviews (5-stars)-my clients are satisfied with their child's results.

amazing results I have helped my past students achieve

My rates are competitive with other tutors with similar experiences and credentials. 

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Think of me as a learning specialist for your child! 

My aim is to find out what areas of literacy and maths your child struggles with and close the gap in that area. 


If you are looking for the most effective solution available, I am the best option. 


My efficiency in closing the learning gap for children and my ability to get top results means I am ultimately one of the most affordable available options as well. 


 I offer a personalised free assessment.


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Kara Cook

Online Tutor-English & Maths,

Eastleigh, England







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Kara Cook

Online Tutor 

of English & Maths,

Eastleigh, England

QTS, BA English, 

MA, EY Education, UCL

DBS, Member of The Tutors' Association