Just 2 Imagine Tutors: Tutoring Contract

Terms and Conditions

The Tutor agrees:

1. To communicate effectively with the parent/guardian of the student about lessons, fees and progress.

2. To keep all student and client information and data confidential.

3. To prepare all lesson and to teach lessons online  with age appropriate resources.

4.  To facilitate learning and to motivate student to be independent.

The Student agrees: 

1. To follow the  standard behaviour for learning expectations:

 (Looking, listening, being actively involved and participating)

2.  To attend all scheduled lessons on time and to be pro-active in their learning.

3.  To complete home work and classwork assignments assigned by the tutor.

The parent agrees:

1. To communicate effectively with the Tutor about lessons, concerns and payments.

2. To encourage their child with their learning and to inform the Tutor of any additional needs.

3. To make payments for tutoring sessions prior to the services rendered. 

Working together collaboratively is the best way to help your child have a positive impact on their learning.


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