Hourly Rate: Online Tuition

This is simple.

We charge an hourly rate of £32-35/hour for our one-to-one online tutoring services 

and £30/hour for two sessions per week.

Our rates are based on our teaching experiences, tutoring experiences and the amazing results we have helped our past students achieve

Think of us as learning specialists for your child! 

Does your child struggle with their learning? 

Are you frustrated with trying to help and getting nowhere?

We have the solution!

First, we diagnose your child's needs, then set targets for meeting their goals 

and identify the strategies that can be used to 

close their learning gaps 

in Mathematics and English. 

In some cases we help build your child's confidence,

prepare them for their assessments and challenge 

them to reach their full potential

What ever the case may be...

Can you put a price on your child's academic career? 

No, it is priceless.

At Just 2 Imagine Tutors, we think having the right learning tools is essential in life. That's why we include in our rates, online resources, which we pay for so you don't have to. This includes: online books, test practice and other education recommended materials needed for your child's success.. We also include free assessments that are taken at the start of tutoring, in the middle and then again at the end. This is also something that we pay for ourselves. These are the same assessments that schools use throughout the school year. The value of these resources can add up to £120/year per student but you get them included in our tutoring services. 

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