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Who are we?
Just 2 Imagine Tutors

We are a team of two qualified teachers with over 20+ years of experience. 

We are passionate about learning and love inspiring young people to learn. 

Subjects Taught: 
♦English   ♦Literacy  ♦Writing 
 ♦Reading  ♦Maths 
 ♦English Literature and Language-GCSE 


Primary and Secondary: 
*Key Stage 2  (ages 7-11) Years 3 to 6 
*Key Stage 3 (ages 11-14) Years 7 to 9 
*Key Stage 4 (ages 14-16)  
Years 10-11 

 Why choose us? 

*We are professional, expert tutors, who are also qualified teachers. 

*Our business is small...meaning we are dedicated to you!  

*We are patience and understanding with our students.  

*We believe that all children can learn.

*We make learning fun and exciting! 

*Most important...we love kids!   

We offer a quality service, tailored to your child's needs.  

As teachers, we KNOW what kids need to learn.

We understand the progress that is expected in schools. 

We pride ourselves in offering our students supportive, enriching activities.

We aim to help them to become successful, lifelong learners.  

What do we offer? 

Qualified teachers with excellent content knowledge

1 to 1 tuition

Summer learning groups

What are Our Methods?

-Personalised learning 

-Targeted questioning

-Interactive quizzes/Games

-Inquiry-based learning


What is Online Tutoring?

Online tutoring is fun and interactive, virtual learning. 

Our lessons are taught using Zoom

We share interactive resources, games and activities with our students. 

Students respond by verbally sharing, drawing or writing their answers to problems or questions.

In short, we try to make our online sessions feel as though we are together in the same room! 

Our students participate and are active in their learning: 

making mistakes, thinking out loud, self-correcting and once they get it...

they teach us!

What do I need to do next?

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What our students say...

  'Mrs Cook (Kara) makes the lessons fun and exciting.
She is an excellent tutor, I have learned so much!'
 (Alice H., GCSE English)

    "I was really struggling with reading and knowing how to answer GCSE questions, 

especially Shakespeare. Kara taught me how to understand the material and write an essay so

 I can get good results. I feel so much more confident.'

(Andrew M., GCSE English) 




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