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*As private tutors, we provide bespoke 1-1 tuition and group tuition to support and challenge students with their reading and writing skills in English across the primary and secondary age group. We also tutor children in mathematics for both primary (KS1 and 2), KS3 and GCSE. 


♦Does your child experience difficulties with reading? 

♦Do they struggle with reading comprehension?

♦Is your child a reluctant reader? 

♦Are they disinterested and avoid reading for pleasure?



♦Does your child need support with their writing?

♦Do they find writing a paragraph or an essay to be difficult?

♦Does your child find grammar rules difficult to follow or understand?

♦Are you a secondary student needing help with your English GCSE or A-Levels?

♦Does your child need a boost in their confidence with mathematics?

♦Are you a secondary student needing support with your maths course work or GCSEs?

Just 2 Imagine Tutors can help!




Just 2 Imagine Tutors offers one-to-one and group tutoring 

to help you build your confidence so you can flourish!

With dedication and hard work, 

together we can unleash your potential!

Get the grades and results you've dreamed of! 


What We Offer:


 Our Mission

♦To provide professional, dedicated and supportive tuition with expert tutors, who are experienced, qualified teachers. 

♦To inspire an enthusiasm for lifelong learning, for students of all ages, by helping them to build their confidence and unleash their learning potential.

♦To provide a quality service that is tailored to the student's individual needs and approach or learning style

♦To show patience and understanding with students who have learning difficulties and special needs.

Core Values 

♦At the heart of Just2Imagine Tutors is the firm belief that all children can learn in a calm and encouraging environment.

♦Learning should be fun and exciting allowing students to overcome their difficulties and build their confidence.

Positive mindfulness strategies are used to increase a student's attention and focus, reduce their test anxiety, and promote their overall learning.


♦The importance of creating a positive Growth Mindset is encouraged. Learners are taught strategies for overcoming learning  challenges, such as how to ask questions and solve problems.

♦ The ultimate goal is to create a confident learner who can work independently and is able to succeed academically. 

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